Strategy Development

We develop informed sustainable business strategies and management frameworks for SDG alignment

What is Sustainability-Oriented Strategy?

Sustainability is not merely an abstract topic. Rather, sustainability is about comprehensive planning and execution for generation-based survival and stewardship. Sustainability requires smart management of natural capital, financial capital, and stakeholder needs. Consideration and respect of everyone and the ecosystem is needed for successful sustainable planning.

Sustainability-Oriented Strategy is the development of a plan of action and policy that fully integrates ecological, social, and economic needs at the core of the business. Of course, this includes financial sustainability as well. It is normally a daunting task for companies to get started, even after having a full assessment done and being aware of the value a sustainable business brings to the market. That is why we’re here.

What are the Benefits?

Now that you’ve realized sustainability is important to your organization, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals
  • Increased Revenues
  • Decreased Operational Costs
  • Supply Chain Risk Reduction
  • Increased Brand & Market Relevance
  • New Areas/Topics for Innovation
  • Enhanced Value Chain
  • Talent Retention

Our Approach

We help you to establish achievable goals tied to KPIs derived from the sustainable development goals. We then help will governance modeling, process development, and risk analysis. Our approach is as follows:

  1. Sustainability Assessment & Readiness
  2. Business Model Analysis
  3. Contextualized Business Case for Sustainability
  4. Vision and Mission Development
  5. Set Goals, Define KPIs & Programs
  6. Internal and External Policy Development (All Departments)
  7. Process Analysis & Refinement
  8. Sustainable Management Structure Design
  9. Risk & Opportunity Analysis
  10. Measurement System Design
  11. Develop Mechanism(s) for Stakeholder Engagement & Feedback

Scope of Services

Depending on your needs, the following deliverables can be included for this service:

  • Sustainability-Oriented Strategic Plan
  • Sustainability Scorecard Report (Based on Balanced Scorecard)
  • Policy Package for Sustainable Management
  • Process Maps & Report (As-Is & To-Be)
  • Materiality Matrix & Stakeholder Analysis Report
  • Climate & Social Risk Report
  • Presentation Decks for Stakeholders
  • KPI Tracking Tools

If your organization requires customized deliverables, we are more than willing to accomodate. Let’s talk more today.

Time to Work!

The sustainable development goals set by a global network of stakeholders is shaping the future of our planet. Find out more about how we can help you align your business’ mission, strategy, and operations with a sustainable future.

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